About us

Who are we?


Transparency for Good was founded and managed by a group of NUS Law students who wanted to use the applied accounting skills that they have learnt in the classroom to further a meaningful social cause.

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We make it safe and easy to understand the financial reports of charities so you are confident when raising money for your favourite cause!

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Are you a registered charity? Join as a beneficiary where you can engage donors through transparency of your financials. We also feature other charities so you can view and compare your activity with your peers.

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Raise the public profile of lesser-known charities and highlight their financial and non-financial needs

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Aid donors in deciding which charities they would like to support based on the financials of the charity

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Teach readers how to interpret financial data and enhance their financial literacy

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Give donors confidence in the featured charitable organisations by making their operations more transparent and easily accessible

Our Goals

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