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About the Charity

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd is a pro-choice agency that journeys with the pregnant teenagers by providing emotional support, information and resources to empower them to make responsible decision on their pregnancy.
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Vital Sign 1: Financial Health

Ratio of Liabilities to Assets

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This ratio tells us how much of the charity’s assets come from borrowing money or other sources of debt. The lower the number, the more financially strong the charity. 

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According to our analysis, this number is lower than average

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The charity is in a very good position to pay off what it owes (to staff, vendors etc.) if the debts suddenly fall due

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The charity has been accumulating cash, which is a good sign for its short term financial health

Working Capital Ratio

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“If the charity’s short-term debts suddenly become due immediately, will it be able to pay them”?

A ratio higher than 1 means that the charity has enough liquid assets like cash that can be used to meet its short term debts. The higher the ratio, the more resilient the charity is.

Increase in Cash and equivalents

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This tells us about the financial health of the charity. No matter how much surplus the charity makes, it is likely to collapse if it runs out of cash to pay its bills. A positive value is a healthy indicator

Net Surplus over 3 years

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“How much surplus did the charity have at the end of the year, subtracting its expenses?”


While charities are non-profits, a financially healthy charity should still carry over some surplus each year to grow its reserves. This is important, so that the charity can continue to run even if its funding sources are affected. 


A charity that continues running deficits yearly would deplete its reserves and be unsustainable in the long run

According to our analysis, the charity is financially sound, and had been carrying over a surplus in order to maintain enough reserves

Note: The sharp increase in Babe’s net surplus as compared to previous years is because of the sudden scaling down of activities because of COVID-19 restrictions, resulting in less expenditure. We understand from the charity that much of the unused surplus has to be returned to the respective government grants

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Vital Sign 2: Sources of Income

Charities receive money from a variety of sources which include public donations, grants and government contracts. What are this charity’s sources of income over the years?

Sources of Income in 2018-2020

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What do these mean?

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Donation Jar

Voluntary Income

Voluntary income

This includes public cash donations, and non-cash gifts in kind by the public

Our analysis

Over 3 years, public donations have become a more important part of this charity’s income sources. The charity is becoming more reliant on public donations. 

Classroom Furnitures

Charitable Income

This charity generates some income from childcare fees it charges in running its childcare services.

Fundraising activities

The charity does not organise regular fundraising events

Before the pandemic, the charity organised a Gala Dinner to raise funds. However, in 2020, due to the pandemic, the Gala was cancelled and fundraising was exclusively exclusively online. 

Man Signing



Government Grants

This include social welfare grants from various sources such as the government, Tote Board, Community Chest etc.

The charity relies heavily on government grants from NCSS Tote Board to sustain its operations. However, the proportion of its income coming from grants has decreased over the years.

Sources of Income in 2020 - Our Analysis

Babes does not charge for its services and is funded by donations from philanthropic establishments, corporate and individual donors, and government grants managed by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS).


Babes received $62,858 subvention from the Government. This represented 50.5% of the total income receipts for the year, as shown in the pie chart. It comprised $458,1000 from the Tote Board, $92,71 from Care and Share Fund and $50,000 from Community Chest.

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Vital Sign 3: Sources of Expenditure

Charities spend money on various sources including their charitable programmes, staff expenses, administrative costs, etc. What are the biggest contributor's to the charity's spending over the years?

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Note: Total expenditure on charitable activities consists of programme costs and other operating costs & staff costs

Sources of Expenditure in 2020 - Our Analysis

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The spending on fundraising declined sharply in 2020, this is because 

  1. Babes was unable to host public fundraising events as a result of the pandemic 

  2. Cancellation of offsite activities. E.g. Babes Camp which used to be a 3D2N overnight event

Vital Sign 4: Fundraising Efficiency

“How much does the charity spend in raising donations from the public?"

The lower the figure, the more efficient the charity is in raising public donations. A lower number is generally a positive sign, as it means less wasted costs in fundraising.

Fundraising Efficiency over the years

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 4.34.36 AM.png

The spending on fundraising declined sharply in 2020, due to the cancellation of fundraising events as a result of the pandemic. 

Vital Sign 5: Spending on
Direct Outcomes

“What proportion of the charity's spending goes to direct outcomes?"

We are interested in knowing how much of our donation goes to the actual beneficial outcomes that beneficiaries enjoy. The greater the figure, the more likely every dollar we donate directly goes to benefitting the charity's beneficiaries. 

Proportion of spending on direct outcome (over 3 years)

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 4.32.21 AM.png


  • Cost of Charitable Activities: It is a good sign that the bulk of the spendings constitutes "cost of charitable activities", this includes staff cost, facilities cost, CPF

  • Total programme cost includes volunteer expenses, activities/events/outings, other programme costs

  • Other expenses includes operating expenses, governance cost and cost of generated funds

Vital Sign 4: Fundraising Efficiency

Vital Sign 6: Benefit Received per Beneficiary

"How many beneficiaries did the charity help?"

In assessing how impactful a charity is, it is always useful to look at how many beneficiaries benefitted from the charity. This also helps to put the charity's needs and expenses in perspective - a charity that provides more services, or serves more beneficiaries would naturally require more donations and funding.

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 10.47.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 10.57.59 PM.png

Babes Pregnancy's 24-hr counselling service assisted close to 300 individuals in 2020

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 11.04.45 PM.png

Babes Pregnancy continually engages its service users, with monthly education online engagement sessions

  • Conducted 17 outreach and information sessions

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Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Babes Pregnancy continued to raise funds to support low-income teenage mothers in various ways

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 11.12.59 PM.png

Raised $466,935 from offline and online campaigns

$21,854 raised through campaign such as Happy Stork, Supporting 10 Teen Mums and COVID-19 Strong Fund, which benefitted hundred of girls in saving expenses on formula, diapers and baby clothing

$16,495 raised through the year-end festive appeal, aiding 68 girls with food essentials

Vital Sign 7: Non-Financial Needs

"Apart from donations, how else can I support this charity?"

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In 2020, the charity engaged 42 volunteers who supported Babes in various ways, such as organising Chai Time workshops, teaching crafts, and delivering essentials to the girls

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Future plans

Babes is expecting to increase the services provided and plans to channel more resources to:

  • Continue to innovate and create awareness via social media platforms and collaborate with like-minded partners on issues relating to teenage pregnancy.

  • Review existing programmes and services to provide better support for their service-users and their support systems.  

  • Strengthen organisational and staff capabilities by adapting technology and new work processes.